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    Core Office Solution (COS)
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Accession Module
eFile Management Module
eCase Management Module
Court Case Management Module
Digital Signature Module
Digital Signature for Note-Sheet and Order-Sheet
Whitehall Noting
eProcess Module
eFee/eStamp Module
eCopying Module
eScheduling Module
eKnowledge Module
eArchival Module
eSearch/eRetrieval Module
eXerox Module
Export Module
Inter-Office File Exchange Module
Inventory Management Module
RTI Management Module
ePreshak Module
Address Module
eNotice Board Module
Biometric Attendance Module
eInspection Module
QR Code (Scan To Verify) Module
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eNastee SMS Gateway (eSG)
eNastee E-mail Gateway (eFG)
eNastee Fax Gateway (eFG)
eNastee IVRS Gateway (eIG)
eNastee CRL Pump (eCrP)
eNastee Digester (eDGT)
eNastee Scripter (eST)
eNastee WebCounter (WSDG)
eNastee AppCounter (ASDG)
eNastee Kiosk)
eNastee Reader
eNastee Karmik
Go Digital - Save Tree - Go Green Digitize Your Office By GreenOffice Cellulose Suite

Normal office procedures involve many paper-based processes, all of which are quite resource intensive. These include Note-Sheet, Order-Sheet, Daily-Order, Final-Order, Judgment, Summon, Notice, Office-Order, Office-Memorandum, Policies, Forms, Acts and Regulations, Circulars, Guidelines and Standards, Annual reports and Manuals.

The result is a high cost of managing paper and documents, including costs of storage (floor space, filing cabinets and folders), as well as the personnel required to deal with them. Further, finding information becomes complicated when the volume of paper increases, reducing the efficiency of staff who need information stored in files. Using paperless office tools not only saves the cost of storing and retrieving documents, it can also help to increase overall staff productivity by making information easier to share and collaborate with. GreenOffice Cellulose Suite is focused on facilitating office procedures in order to use less paper to save trees and implement green practices that will boost your level of Corporate / Government Social Responsibility in terms of protecting the environment and preserving our resources. Use GreenOffice - Save Tree - Go Green

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